Duett med Anita Skorgan

Peter Nordberg och Anita Skorgan möttes första gången på Norges största radioprogram NRK Nitimen 2012. Sedan dess har de gjort några framträdanden tillsammans innan idén om ett samarbete blev verklighet. 9 februari släpps duetten ”Du er her”. Text & Musik av Nordberg och Skorgan.

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Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Peter Nordberg covers John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over). A war protest song as relevent today as when it was first released in 1971. Sonically Nordberg presents a soundscape that can be described as ambient pop. However the storytelling are still the center of attention. Cover photo taken by master engineer Fredrik Andersson at […]

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NZ FilmFreak review

”Peter Nordberg covers the Phil Collins classic, In The Air Tonight. With Nickleback-esk vocals and traditional-sounding stringed and percussion instruments, Nordberg certainly brings a different angle to the well-known song. Both hailing from Sweden, Nordberg teamed up with mixer/producer Fredrik Andersson to release his first song in English. With electronic twists and layered vocals against […]

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