Till en krigare – ny singel 10 nov.

Den nya singeln ”Till en krigare” släpps 10 november. Följ Nordberg på Spotify för att följa med på kommande releaser och konserter.


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NZ FilmFreak review

”Peter Nordberg covers the Phil Collins classic, In The Air Tonight. With Nickleback-esk vocals and traditional-sounding stringed and percussion instruments, Nordberg certainly brings a different angle to the well-known song.

Both hailing from Sweden, Nordberg teamed up with mixer/producer Fredrik Andersson to release his first song in English. With electronic twists and layered vocals against the punchy bass really puts chills down my spine…”

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Ny singelrelease 18/8

Nordberg covers Phil Collin’s epic debut single ”In The Air Tonight” from 1981. Release 18/8 2017. Recorded at A Side Production Studio in Stockholm. Produced by Fredrik Andersson


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